The New High Rise Guys In Town

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Here it is. The new high rise window cleaners in Northwest Arkansas. It was my dream, as mentioned in a previous blog post. Now it is a growing reality. Only being a year into exactly, I am proud to say high rise services are paying off! The entry into this line of window washing isn’t easy for most. It sure was a huge risk on my end when I first did it. Let me explain further. It wasn’t risky for us because it was dangerous, as it is high-risk work indeed. It was risky because I was investing in equipment, higher insurance premiums all with the thought that I would get more jobs within a years time. Since the first high rise job that we completed a year ago, we have successfully earned double that amount in revenue in a years time! This is huge for me. Looks like it is paying off so far!

As we roll into the 2nd official year of performing high rise window washing, we face risk still. The risk is not as high as it was initially but risk still exists because we don’t have any maintenance cleaning set up with any company so far, I am the only technician performing the work, and I may have to make a large investment for enough equipment to train a 2nd technician in the high rise services. So with new jobs coming my way, we have huge opportunity, yet large investments in need to perform at a faster pace. We will re-visit this topic later on and a year from now, I hope to say many more accomplishing words on this subject!


Chris Berryhill, over and out.

Window cleaning compared to my wife

When not cleaning, we're still on ropes

When not cleaning, we’re still on ropes

So recently I had a potential opportunity to partner up with a friend and merge my window cleaning company with another window cleaning business for sale. Financially, this decision was very pleasing to the ears. Also having this specific friend as a partner was a super exciting thought. I do believe the two of us would make a great team.

Other than those two pros about this decision, there was a handful of cons that I’ll mention now. The first and foremost con, which was on my mind instantly since the opportunity crossed my path, was this acquired company was a franchise and had a bad reputation. With that being said, I do not have the intentions to be a franchise. I love that my window cleaning company has my last name in the brand. It feels more local and it shows everyone that my business started from ground zero.

Joining the franchise is going to mean I give up my name. Even if it took my business from being well into a quarter million dollar company. Yes I said it! I could have had a quarter million dollars worth under my belt. But the question is, would that be worth the reputation I’d be having to re establish as well as giving up the personal feel my current business gives off.

So there I am. Stuck in between the lines. Do I move forward with this or do I stand my ground, say no to the acquisition and spend a lot more time building my business to financially be at that level.

I’ll go ahead and keep it open and not spoil what I decide to do. This is chris with berryhill window cleaning coming to all of you not just interested in our professional services, but also the person you are about to hire. Have a good one!

High Rise Window Cleaners Officially

Here we are. Berryhill Window Cleaning an official high rise window cleaning company. Fully insured and trained to do window washing and pressure washing using ropes on those buildings higher than ladders can reach.

This has been a huge goal of the founder since the beginning and he knew the day would come. Just was not expected to be in it so soon. We started off working on a building in downtown fayetteville in November. Doing a total of 19 repels to complete window cleaning on one section of the building. More is expected to come and we plan to step up the game for this new market we have entered. Any kind of high rise work requires professional equipment and should not be hired without knowing the pros doing the work are going about it a professional route. Any work we do, we seek professional training in order to keep the highest safety standards a company can take.

Here’s a snapshot of our first high rise window cleaning below


My Great Anticipation!

19843So this picture I inserted into this post goes to show my passion for rock climbing. Yes that’s me scaling up the crag. I’m attaching this image to show our viewers what brings me, the founder of Berryhill Window Cleaning, much anticipation!

Okay, so I’ll just say it! We finally are stepping into high rise window cleaning. Coming into this business over 2 years ago high rise window washing was a blur and only a dream as a new window cleaner. It was a goal to be getting into it one day but more like 5 years down the road. Little did I know I was going to be getting into it this quickly.

As the founder, I came into the business with entrepreneurship intentions and I plan to keep it that way. High rise window cleaning is truly the next level! It was always a goal to be getting into it one day but until now,  it was more like a 5 year goal. Little did I know I was going to be getting into it this quickly. One thing is for sure as a window washing company in Fayetteville, Arkansas and that is plans never end the way they originated. Of course this goes for any businesses in northwest Arkansas and around the world.

So the equipment is in route to our shop as we speak and we start on a high rise job as soon as it arrives. Go window cleaning empire of Fayetteville,  Arkansas!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our first high rise cleaning. Have a good one until next time!



History of Our Service Adoption

What do I mean by service awpid-20150703_152120.jpgdoption? Well, just like it sounds. I initially started out this company cleaning just windows. Early on I knew of other window cleaners who do other services, too. But I wanted to focus on just cleaning windows at the beginning because of all the new things being thrown my way, as a new business man.

Going into any business, especially service-based businesses, people get the perception that the actual labor is all you need to run a successful company. This is false. I knew this from the get-go thanks to my parents who ran a company and my business education in gained in college. Business is much more than the actual work. Think of window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or whatever else being at the center of a wheel. Well in order for that wheel to function, it needs spokes and an outer surface. Think of all the other facets of business being these other parts. Yes a wheel will fall apart without the center holding the spokes together. But it’s only one of the multiple parts that are important.

All in all, a business can’t operate without every piece. Every piece has an important function.

So back on track now, I started out learning the best practices in running a company and how to adopt all the other processes and procedures required to successfully grow a business. I would have hit a personal critical mass, if I added multiple services in the midst of this.

It wasn’t until a year later, May of 2015 that I added my second service, which was gutter cleaning! And as I saw the great benefits opressure-washing-brickwpid-20150629_172636.jpgf additional services, I had an opportunity in October of 2015 to add pressure washing.

At that point, I had lots to learn on these additional services (business-side of things, and actual labor-side). So Berryhill Window Cleaning currently focuses on these 3 services, in order to provide an optimum job well done for all our customers!

Eventually we may expand our services but there will be a point that we stop adding different types. Berryhill Window Cleaning does not aspire to be a jack-of-all-trades but a premier cleaning company offering specific and professional services.

Thanks For Reading and see you next time!


My Next New Entrepreneurial Efforts

So, as a fellow window cleaner and entrepreneur. I find out I am made up of more than one personality. Turns out, as I have just stated in my first sentence of this post, that I am running this business with multiple personalitities. This isn’t because I am crazy and have split personalities. But more like I have completely different roles required of me that operate with vast differences from one another.

Anyways, I started this business thinking it was all going to take entrepreneurial efforts. But No! It requires multiple. To name 3 that definitely exist are “the manager”, “the technician”, and “the entrepreneur”. Managers tend to focus on the past and following a proven system with no changes. Technicians are all about the now and getting things done. While Entrepreneurs are about the future and innovating.

I realize I am playing all these roles currently. My goal is to figure out what of these 3 roles are my strongest. I would like to believe the entrepreneur inside of me is the strongest but I am not sure currently.

After I prove this, the next objective is to help each of these three roles not conflict with each other by letting one catch up to the other. For example, if I am an excellent at the services: window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and have not the right management skills to improve a team while conducting business development in full swing, then I will hit some rough waters. I need to make sure I am prepared to do business development by finding improvements in my management and technical personalities. Then it will mean smooth sailing to the entrepreneur!

Go Window Cleaning Empire!

Launch Retreat

So this weekend I went to Launch Retreat for my second time. It is such an honor to be invited to this event and everytime I go I feel like my window cleaning business has been taken in a new direction. After the NWA leaders study your business and speak on certain topics you quickly find out what you have been doing wrong, what you have been doing right, the steps to continue improving the right things, and what to do in the upcoming future for my cleaning business. I am pumped and looking forward to seeing the growth in all facets of the business. The business development side, pressure washing, gutter cleaning ( yay for gutter cleaning season, as it’s been insane), and window washing. Also so thankful to be in a well-populated and growing area here in Northwest Arkansas. The next coming days and weeks will be interesting for this fayetteville-based business and I am looking forward to it!